National Career Fairs

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National Career Fairs Inc.
Industry Employment
Founded 2001 (2001)
Headquarters Henderson, Nevada, United States
Products Job Fairs
Number of employees

National Career Fairs is a company founded in 2001 by Scott Lobenberg to produce job fairs in cities across the United States. The events are a place where job seekers meet face-to-face with employers, educational institutions, and professional résumé writers.

Company information[edit]

National Career Fairs has its headquarters in Henderson, Nevada, and is under the leadership of Scott Lobenberg, founder and president, and Diana Nicholson, CEO. The company was incorporated in 2001,[1] and produced 12 job fairs its first year. The number of events increased to 275 job fairs in 76 cities in 2007, and increased to over 350 events in 2008.[2] The company has 20 employees.


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