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People's Council
Народный Собор
Leader V. E. Homyakov and O. J. Cassin
Founded 8 Oct 2005
Headquarters Moscow
Newspaper Newspaper "people's Council", the Newspaper MRO "New generation"
Ideology Orthodox nationalism
Slogan "Together for one!"

The "People's Council" (the full name all-Russian public movement "people's Cathedral") is a Russian social movement based on ideas of national patriotism and Orthodoxy, and engaged in the protection of public morality and traditional family values. The composition of the movement includes scientists, historians, politicians, lawyers and businessmen, cultural figures and Russian Orthodox Church.

People's Council, which opposes the promotion of homosexuality, became famous, in particular, protests against Madonna concert, supporting the LGBT community, as well as his claim that almost ended in jail time for the curators of the exhibition "Forbidden art" Yuri Samodurov and Andrei Erofeev. In 2003, after another of the exhibition "Caution, religion!" the activists of the "people's Council" defeated the Sakharov Center, and in May 2012 picketed the exhibition of Marat Gelman's "Motherland".

Structure and management[edit]

As of December 2010, the branch of the "people's Council" act in 45 regions of Russia. The composition of the movement includes more than 250 different public organizations and associations, including the Orthodox, human rights, veteran, military-Patriotic, cultural-historical, creative, parent and family, sport and other associations of citizens.

The co-chairs[edit]

  • Vladimir Khomyakov
  • Oleg Cassin


Honorary coordinators of the "people's Council" and members of the Central Council are:

Maxim Kalashnikov (left) and Chairman of the Central Council of the movement "people's Cathedral" Vladimir Khomyakov in the program "national question, 25 February 2011
  • Krutov A. N., the President of the International Fund for Slavic literature and culture", chief editor of magazine "Russian house";
  • Soluyanov, A. P., hero of the Soviet Union, major-General, airborne forces became the prototype of the song of group "lube" "Batyanya-combat";
  • A. V. Margelov, Hero of Russia, the President of Fund of assistance to airborne and special forces named after General of the army V. F. Margelov, the son of the legendary Creator of modern airborne troops;
  • Krupin V. N., co-chair of the Union of writers of Russia;
  • Greshnevikov A. N., the Deputy of the state Duma of the 1st-5th convocations;
  • N. Burlyaev. P., President of the International film forum Zolotoy Vityaz, people's artist of Russia;
  • Maxim Kalashnikov (Vladimir Kucherenko), a famous writer and futurist;
  • Vinogradov B. A., state Duma Deputy 4-th convocation, Deputy Minister of education from 1998 to 2002;
  • Borodina A.V., author-developer of the course "Fundamentals of Orthodox culture", candidate of pedagogical Sciences, and many others.


Its purpose to "people's Council" puts the transformation of Russia on the basis of "traditional moral values of Russian civilization."

The "people's Council" opposes "Russophobia", "uncontrolled immigration", "totalitarian sects", lawlessness, corruption, gay pride parades, and any other acts "aimed at undermining the country, its spiritual and moral values and culture".

According to M. G. Delyagin, the "people's Cathedral...stood almost in the forefront of the struggle of the Russian society for the family, against the promotion of various kinds of perversions, from sexual to political.


On materials of management of Federal registration service across the Novgorod region, the movement "people's Council" in early 2013, worked to create a special wing for monitoring and detection of sects in Russia, designed to help law enforcement agencies in the fight against sectarianism. According to Kassin, the movement enough specialists in the field of religious studies for fruitful work in the fight against sects.

Legal assistance[edit]

"People's Cathedral" has achieved allocation of budgetary funds for the reconstruction of the monument to Minin and Pozharsky in Moscow. Is one of the initiators of recreating the Passion of the monastery and restore poltavskogo of the Church of the Preobrazhensky regiment — the first regiment of Russian guards. Seeking the return of the icon of the Savior on the Spassky Tower of the Moscow Kremlin, and to restore the double-headed eagle on the Spasskaya and other towers of the Kremlin.

"People's Council" organizes and conducts sports competitions and tournaments, youth military-Patriotic fees.

The movement is initiated by the excitation of some criminal cases concerning:

  • Director of the Museum. Sakharov, Yuri Samodurov and the head of Department of the newest currents of the State Tretyakov gallery Andrei Erofeev on the fact of holding them in the 2006 exhibition "Forbidden art — 2006". July 12, 2010 Tagansky court of Moscow convicted the organizers of the exhibition "Forbidden art-2006" Yuri Samodurov and Andrei Yerofeyev of inciting religious enmity and sentenced them to pay a fine. Yuri Samodurov, the court ordered to pay 200 thousand rubles, and Andrei Yerofeyev — 150 thousand rubles. 4 Oct 2010 the Moscow city court rejected the appeal of Yuri Samodurov and Andrei Yerofeyev, recognizing the verdict of the organizers of the exhibition are legitimate.
  • feminist group, staged a rally in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

The movement initiated public Prosecutor's checks:

  • the circumstances of the issuance by the Ministry of culture of licences for films that contain profanity, obscene and vulgar expressions of a sexual nature. According to the statement "people's Council" was held Prosecutor's check, the results of which were withdrew 147 rolling certificates on the films containing profanity.
  • in conjunction with the exhibition "Apples fall simultaneously in different gardens", held in July at the center for contemporary art "Vinzavod" for the presence at the exhibition of pornography.
  • in fact the possible presence of corpus delicti in the actions of the art group "War", organized action in the Biological Museum in the winter of 2008.

17 APR 2008 "people's Council" appealed to the authorities in defense of the Patriarchal Church in Sokolniki.

"People's Cathedral" 30 Oct 2010, at Bolotnaya square in Moscow held a rally "For Russia without the mud". The main demand of the protesters was the introduction of the ban on carrying out in Russia of gay pride parades. In total, the rally was attended by 2 thousand people. The immediate reason for the rally was the decision of the European court of human rights on the recognition of unlawful decisions of the Moscow authorities to ban gay pride parades. And on the eve of the meeting the "Russian newspaper" published an article of the Chairman of the constitutional court Valery Zorkin the "Limit of concessions" where he suggested that Russia may not accept some of the decisions of the ECHR, in particular in relation to gay pride parades.

29 APR 2012 with the participation of members of the people's Council prevented a repetition of the provocation at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Share "Imperial ribbon"[edit]

Imperial ribbon — small (length of about 45 cm and a width of 3.5 cm) ribbon colours of the Imperial flag — black-yellow-white flag of the former from 1856 to 1883 the official banner of the Russian Empire. In the 90-ies of XX century "Imperial flag" was the flag of Russian national movement. But in addition to nationalists it is used, such as "the Other Russia".

According to the authors of the action of Imperial ribbon on clothes or bag should be the identification mark of Russian nationalists. The campaign was a success to the fullest. For fall 2010 was distributed to tens of thousands of tapes. Imperial ribbons can be seen on many participants of the Russian March 2010 both in Moscow and in other cities.

Known initiatives[edit]

  • "List of Hillary" as a response to the "Magnitsky List" (2012).
  • All-Russian religious procession "to the Memory of grateful descendants" (2012), dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the great victory of the people's militia under the leadership of the Nizhny Novgorod Zemsky elder Kuzma Minin and Governor of Prince Dmitry Pozharsky.
  • Initiating the collection of signatures under a petition to deputies of Moscow city Council containing a request to the Parliament to pass the bill prohibiting propaganda of homosexuality (2012).

Edition movement[edit]

The movement publishes the newspaper "people's Council", which circulation is 100 thousand. copies. Moscow regional branch of the movement "people's Cathedral" from Jan 2010 publishes the newspaper "New generation" (circulation — 10 thousand copies.). The newspaper is distributed free by activists and is available for download in electronic form on the website of the Moscow branch.

Partner organizations[edit]

  1. The international Fund for Slavic literature and culture
  2. All-Russia Public Organisation "Antialcoholic Front"
  3. The all-Russian public organization of veterans "Combat brotherhood"
  4. All-Russian public movement "Business women of Russia"
  5. International Cossack economic Union
  6. The organization is the promotion of the Orthodox military-Patriotic education "Banner"
  7. International Union of public associations of veterans of the Armed forces and law enforcement agencies
  8. Russian Imperial historical society
  9. The Foundation of the "Basics of Orthodox culture"
  10. The movement in support of Orthodox orphanages and educational institutions "Bees"
  11. Fund of assistance to the Union of the Russian people "Russian"
  12. Political party "Great Russia"
  13. Political party "Rodina: common sense"
  14. Socio-political movement of a social majority of Russia "Yar"