National Centrist Party

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National Centrist Party
حزب الوسط الوطني
Chairperson Ali Tarhouni
Founded November 23, 2011; 5 years ago (2011-11-23)
Headquarters Tripoli, Libya
Ideology Libyan nationalism
Islamic democracy
Islamic liberalism
Political position Centre
Religion Sunni Islam
National affiliation National Forces Alliance[1]
International affiliation None
Colours      Blue
Seats in the General National Congress:
2 / 200

National Centrist Party (Arabic: حزب الوسط الوطني‎‎) is a parliamentary political party in Libya, launched by former interim oil minister, Ali Tarhouni, on 23 October 2011. It is a centrist political movement, with bases on democracy and religious moderation.


The NCP's self-reported doctrine is moderate. Ali Tarhouni, the founder and leader of the NCP, declared in an interview taken by a journalist of Libya Herald: "Moderation is the name of our movement. We are moderate. We are in the middle. I think any radicalization of Islam is something that we oppose. We strongly oppose that. We grew up in this country and we basically don’t practice these things that they do and I hope that they stop because Libya does not really condone that."[2]

Election results[edit]

NCP competed in the Libyan General National Congress election, 2012. The party received 2 of the 80 party-list seats, and with others political parties is in minority.

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