National Chi Nan University

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National Chi Nan University
The Logo of National Chi Nan University
Motto 誠樸弘毅、務本致用[1]
Type Public
Established 1906 in (Guangdong)
1995 (in Taiwan)
President Dr. Yuhlong Oliver Su
Academic staff
594 (as of 2015)
Undergraduates 4179 (as of 2014)
Postgraduates 1478 (as of 2014)
324 (as of 2014)
Location Puli, Nantou County, Taiwan
Campus Suburban
National Chi Nan University
Traditional Chinese 國立暨南國際大學
Literal meaning National University of Reaching Southward

National Chi Nan University (NCNU; Chinese: 國立暨南國際大學)[2] is a university located in Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan.



The National Chi Nan University Planning Committee was established on 1 March 1991 in order to establish a university with the following missions:

  1. To provide more higher education opportunities.
  2. To improve the education of Overseas Chinese.
  3. To assist in developing industries as a part of Six-Year National Construction Plan of Taiwan.
  4. To balance cultural and educational development between regions.

Land which had been the property of the Taiwan Sugar Corporation was selected as the campus of the new university in January 1992. The initial phase of construction of the university was completed in July 1995. The first classes of graduate students were enrolled at the University in September 1995. The first classes of undergraduates registered in September 1996, along with the official opening of the campus.

921 earthquake[edit]

When the devastating 921 earthquake struck Nantou County on 21 September 1999, all major buildings and dormitories in campus were critically damaged, and the University suffered a great loss of equipment and basic infrastructure. President Ricard Lee had led the three-day evacuation of the entire student body and the provisional relocation to the campus of National Taiwan University in Taipei City for one semester. The restoration of the campus was mostly completed in the following six months. The student body and all the Colleges went back to the campus in the next semester.

Origin of the name[edit]

The gate of National Chi Nan University

The name Chi Nan ([from north] to south) comes from Chapter of Tribune of Yu of Classic of History, where a passage reads: "His speech and teachings spread from north to south, until they reached the four corners of the world." More than a century ago, Chi Nan was first used as the title of an academic organization—Chi Nan Academy, established in 1906 near the end of the Qing Dynasty and dedicated to educating talented Chinese youths born or raised abroad. The founders of the Academy relished this ancient Chinese quotes and named the Academy accordingly to manifest its mission. After the founding of the Republic of China in 1912, Chi Nan Academy was reorganized into Chi Nan University in Guangzhou. These two organizations are directly related to National Chi Nan University in Puli, Nantou County, and traditionally, the name Chi Nan conveys the University's mission of education beyond China.


College of Humanities
NCNU Library

National Chi Nan University has aimed for academic excellence and been growing intensely. There are three colleges and six research centers at the University. Each of them has its own mission and emphasized area.


  • The Taiwanese drama series, Hana Kimi was filmed here.

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  2. ^ The name of the university is translated using Chinese word order. By English grammar rules, it is Chi Nan National University.

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