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National Chiayi University
Logo of NCYU .png
Seal of NCYU
Motto in English
Sincerity, Action, Innovation, Service[2]
TypePublic, National
EstablishedApril 1919 (as Chiayi Agriculture and Forestry Public School)
February 2000 (as National Chiayi University)
PresidentChyung Ay
Vice-presidentRong-Yi Liu (academic affairs)
Kuang-Liang Huang (administrative affairs)
National Chiayi University
Traditional Chinese國立嘉義大學
Simplified Chinese国立嘉义大学
NCYU library in Lantan Main Campus

National Chiayi University (NCYU; Chinese: 國立嘉義大學) is a public university located in Chiayi City and Chiayi County, Taiwan. It was formed in 2000 by merging National Chiayi Institute of Technology and National Chiayi Teachers College. The University has six colleges, which include seven doctoral programs, 42 full-time master's degree programs, twelve part-time master's degree programs, and 38 undergraduate programs now. NCYU is one of the oldest and largest universities in southern Taiwan.


The history of the university can be traced back from the merger between two different schools.

The Chiayi Agriculture and Forestry Public School was established in April 1919 and reorganized and renamed as Taiwan Provincial Chiayi Agri-Vocational School in November 1945. The school was then upgraded to become Taiwan Provincial Chiayi Junior College of Agriculture in March 1965. In July 1981, it became a national college and funded by the Ministry of Education. In July 1997, it was upgraded again to become National Chiayi Institute of Technology.

The Taiwan Provincial Chiayi Normal School was founded in 1957. In August 1996, the school was upgraded to a five-year junior college and renamed Taiwan Provincial Chiayi Junior Teachers College. In July 1987, the college was reformed into a four-year college and renamed as Taiwan Provincial Chiayi Teachers College. In July 1987, the college was upgraded into a national college and renamed National Chiayi Teachers College.

In February 2000, National Chiayi Institute of Technology and National Chiayi Teachers College were merged and became National Chiayi University.[3]


NCYU comprises four campuses:

Lantan Main Campus[edit]

Lantan Campus

The campus is the administrative headquarters and located in the well-known scenic area between Lantan Reservoir and Renyitan Reservoir. It also accommodates the College of Agriculture, College of Science and Engineering and College of Life Sciences.

Minxiong Campus[edit]

This campus accommodates the Teachers College and College of Humanities and Arts.

Linsen Campus[edit]

Extension and lifelong learning programs are offered in the campus to provide educational service to the local community.

Sinmin Campus[edit]

Sinmin Campus is situated in downtown of Chiayi, Sinmin accommodates College of Management and College of Veterinary medicine.


NCYU consists of seven colleges (Agriculture, Humanities and Arts, Life Sciences, Management, Science and Engineering, Teachers, and Veterinary Medicine),[4] 36 departments and 11 independent institutes, with 500 full-time faculty professors.[5]

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