National Cleanup Day

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National CleanUp Day
National CleanUp Day
Observed byNational CleanUp Day is observed in the United States in all 50 States and US Territories.
CelebrationsVolunteer to cleanup the country. From Sea to Shining Sea.
Date3rd Saturday in September
2018 dateSeptember 15  (2018-09-15)
2019 dateSeptember 21  (2019-09-21)
2020 dateSeptember 19  (2020-09-19)
2021 dateSeptember 18  (2021-09-18)

National CleanUp Day is celebrated annually in the United States on the third Saturday of September. It promotes both organized and individual cleanup events and volunteering to keep the outdoors clean.

National CleanUp Day

The national network of stewards of the outdoors is in all 50 States and US Territories.

If everyone picked up one piece of litter, what would happen?

The inaugural National CleanUp Day was held in 2017 and had more than 225,000 volunteers. The 2018 event had over 1,500,000 volunteers, 14 million pounds of waste collected, and was held in conjunction with World CleanUp Day.[1] National CleanUp Day partners include Earth Day, Keep America Beautiful, World Cleanup Day, Waterkeeper Alliance, National Parks Conservation Association, Junior Chamber International, Granite Gear, and Clean Trails. In April 2019, Earth Day partnered with National CleanUp Day and Keep America Beautiful for the inaugural Earth Day CleanUp and had over 500,000 volunteers working to clean up trash and litter nationally.[2]

Clean Trails programs include National Clean-Up Day, Clean Trails,, and Clean City USA.

Studies show the highest indicator that someone will pick up litter is if they witness someone else picking up litter. Community Based Social Marketing (CBSM) studies are proving that peer group norms are more powerful than incentives, and when worked in concert with each other, they can provide impressive behavioral change impacts.[3]

National CleanUp Day Hiking

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