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The National Company of the Coca (Spanish: Empresa Nacional de la Coca, ENACO) is a Peruvian state company dedicated to the commercialization of the coca leaf and derivatives. It is the only state company that has a monopoly on the commercialization and derivatives of the coca leaf. It was created in 1949.[1] In 1982, it became a state company under private law.

It has a list of 31,000 legal producers of coca leaf in Peru, who export between 130,000 and 150,000 kilos of coca leaves annually directly to the Stepan Company.[2][3] The Stepan Company extracts the cocaine for medicinal use. In 2002, a company called Kokka Royal Food & Drink began selling KDrink, which is a coca leaf-infused energy drink, similar to Coca Colla in Bolivia.[4][5]

Nonetheless, much of this cocaine enters the black market.[6] In 2004, one estimate was 83%.[7] The operation of the company is specified in Law 22095.

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