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The National Communications Coordinator, commonly referred to as NCC, is one of the essential positions on a university Residence Hall Association's executive board. The NCC is the primary means of communication between his or her RHA and the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH). The NCC does this by maintaining the school's affiliation status, choosing delegations to go to conferences, serving as the RHA's vote in conferences (if an affiliated member), and relaying information and networking opportunities to the RHA from NACURH. The NCC could be part of the executive board or be a member of the RHA. This is dependent on the structure of the school's RHA.

Some General Responsibilities Include:

  • Serve as the liaison between RHA, NACURH and the regional affiliate
  • Attend and vote at regional and national conferences, in particular, NCC Business Meetings
  • Serve as the delegation chair for conferences
  • Coordinate all aspects of forming and sending a delegation to conferences including funding, spirit and other activities
  • Relay information from other NACURH member schools to the RHA
  • Prepare and submit all dues and reports as requested by NACURH and the regional affiliate, including monthly newsletters to regional institutions
  • Coordinate the Of the Month process (nominations and selections) in conjunction with and/or in the absence of a National Residence Hall Honorary chapter

The NCC is the voting member in NACURH for the RHA and works to impact the national organization and its regional affiliate with items such as budgetary issues, legislation and voting on awards and other bids.