National Communications Commission (Taipei)

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National Communications Commission
Guójiā Tōngxùn Chuánbò Weǐyuánhuì (Mandarin)
Koet-kâ Thûng-sin Chhòn-pô Vî-yèn-fi (Hakka)
ROC National Communications Commission Seal.svg
Agency overview
Formed22 February 2006
JurisdictionTaiwan (Republic of China)
HeadquartersZhongzheng, Taipei
Agency executive
Parent agencyExecutive Yuan

The National Communications Commission (NCC; Chinese: 國家通訊傳播委員會; pinyin: Guójiā Tōngxùn Chuánbò Weǐyuánhuì; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Kok-ka Thong-sìn Thôan-pò͘ Úi-oân-hōe) is an independent statutory agency of Executive Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan) responsible for regulating the development of the telecommunication and broadcasting industries, promoting competition and consumer protection, and regulating licensing, radio frequency and spectrum, programming content, communications standards and specifications in Taiwan. The current Chairperson is Chan Ting-I.


The NCC is an independent statutory agency created on 22 February 2006 to regulate the information, communications and broadcasting industry in Taiwan.[2]

NCC was tasked with the responsibility to ensure a level playing field in competition in the communications industry, consumer protection, privacy rights, and the development of universal service for remote and rural regions. It also develop new standards for emerging technologies that will improve access, lower cost and deliver services to remote areas.[2]

Organizational structure[edit]

NCC Ren'ai Road headquarter office
NCC Jinan Road headquarter office
Northern Regional Regulatory Department
  • Department of Planning
  • Department of Telecommunications Administration
  • Department of Television and Radio Administration
  • Department of Resources and Technologies
  • Department of Content Affairs
  • Department of Legal Affairs
  • Northern Regional Regulatory Department
  • Central Regional Regulatory Department
  • Southern Regional Regulatory Department
  • Secretariat
  • Personnel Office
  • Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office
  • Civil Service Ethics Office


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