National Communications Network, Guyana

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National Communications Network
Type Radio and Television
Country Guyana
Established 2004
Launch date
April 1958
Fresh FM, Voice of Guyana, Hot FM
Channel 11
Affiliation NBC
CBS (1958-2003)
Fox (2003-2009)
The CW (2009-2016)
Official website

National Communications Network (NCN) is a national, state-owned television and radio broadcasting corporation in Guyana. It was formed in 2004 through the merger of the government radio service, Guyana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), and the government-run television service, GTV. NCN's studios are situated on Homestretch Avenue in Georgetown.[1][2][3][4]


NCN Studios in 2009

NCN is the descendant of two of Guyana's first radio services: Radio Demerara, which was founded in 1951, and British Guiana Broadcasting Service (BGBS), which was founded in December 1958. The former was a British-owned company, and its licence required the station to broadcast BBC material for 21 hours a week, and programmes provided by the UK's Central Office of Information (in London) for 10 hours a week. The latter focused primarily on sports programmes and the coverage of special events.[1][4]

In 1968 (two years after Independence), the Government of Guyana took over BGBS's broadcasting facilities, which were located at the Broadcasting House on High Street in Georgetown, and the company was renamed the Guyana Broadcasting Service (GBS). In 1979, the Government of Guyana acquired Radio Demerara as well, and the merger of these two radio services resulted in the Guyana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). On 1 March 2004, GBC and the Guyana Television Broadcasting Company (GTV) combined to form NCN.[1][4]

Radio Service[edit]

NCN runs three radio services: Fresh 100.1 FM, re-branded in 2012, formerly Radio Roraima (formerly Channel 1), which uses the radio frequency 760 AM (760 kilohertz on the medium wave band; no longer broadcasting); Voice of Guyana (formerly Channel 2), which uses the radio frequency 560 AM (560 kilohertz on the medium wave band); and an 102.1FM service — Hot FM — which uses the radio frequency 98.1 FM. All three services are controlled by the government.[1]

Television Service[edit]

NCN's television service is broadcast on Channel 11 in Guyana, with various regional channels in Berbice, Essequibo, Linden and Demerara.[2]


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