National Company of Lignite Oltenia

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National Company of Lignite Oltenia
Industry Coal
Founded 1997
Headquarters Târgu-Jiu, Romania
Key people
Eugen Davidoiu, CEO
Products Lignite
Revenue Green Arrow Up.svg US$503 million (2007)
Number of employees
8,765 (2007)

National Company of Lignite Oltenia (Romanian: Societatea Naţională a Lignitului Oltenia - SNLO) Târgu-Jiu was set up as a commercial society by the Government of Romania in 1997. The main headquarters of the company is placed in Târgu-Jiu, Gorj County.
The company has its material base in Gorj, Vâlcea and Mehedinţi with total reserves of 2 billion tonnes of coal.

The annual production is around 35 million tonnes of lignite and 4 million tonnes of anthracite and the total number of employees is around 9,000.

Around 85% of the total production comes from Gorj County, especially in the north of the county where coal is extracted near Motru and Rovinari.

The main beneficiaries of the coal extracted here are the great Romanian power complexes Rovinari Power Station with a capacity of 1,720 MW, Turceni Power Station with a capacity of 2,310 MW and Craiova Power Station with a capacity of 615 MW thus making Gorj County the biggest power producer in Romania with around 36% of the whole energy produced in the country.

Coal mines[edit]

The National Company of Lignite Oltenia ownes and operates a number of six coal mines located in Gorj, Mehedinţi and Vâlcea counties.

Rank Mine County Reserves
(million tonnes)
(million tonnes)
1 Berbeşti Vâlcea 67 2.5
2 Husnicioara Mehedinţi 67 3.1
3 Jilţ Gorj 285.8 7
4 Motru Gorj 108 6.6
5 Roşia – Peşteana Gorj 112 7.2
6 Rovinari Gorj 180 8

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