National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction

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National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction
Congresso Nacional de Reconstrução de Timor
Leader Xanana Gusmão
Founded March 2007
Headquarters Bairo Gurilhus, Dili
Youth wing Youth Party Organisation
Women's wing Women's Party Organisation
Political position Centre-left[1]
Colours Blue, White, Green, Gold, Brown
National Parliament
22 / 65
Party flag
Bandeira do Congresso Nacional da Reconstrução Timorense.png

The National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction (Portuguese: Congresso Nacional de Reconstrução de Timor, CNRT) is a political party in East Timor founded by former President Xanana Gusmão in March 2007 in preparation for the 2007 parliamentary election.[2]

According to provisional results, the party won 24.10% of the vote in the election, placing second behind FRETILIN, which won 29%. Based on the results, the CNRT will have 18 seats in parliament.[3] In early July, the CNRT agreed to form a coalition with the Timorese Social Democratic AssociationSocial Democratic Party alliance and the Democratic Party to gain a parliamentary majority.[4] The party, with its coalition partners, participated in talks with FRETILIN later in the month, with President José Ramos-Horta calling for the formation of a national unity government,[5] but these talks were not successful. After weeks of dispute between the CNRT-led coalition and FRETILIN over who should form the government, Ramos-Horta announced on 6 August that the coalition would form the government and that Gusmão would become Prime Minister.[6][7]

Election results[edit]

Legislative elections[edit]

Election Total seats won Total votes Share of votes Outcome of election Election leader
18 / 65
100,175 24.10% Increase 18 seats; Governing coalition (CNRT-PSD-ASDT-PD) Xanana Gusmão
30 / 65
172,831 36.66% Increase 12 seats; Governing coalition (CNRT-PD) Xanana Gusmão
22 / 65
167,330 29.46% Decrease 8 seats Xanana Gusmão


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