Conservatorio Nacional de Música (Mexico)

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Conservatorio Nacional de Música
(National Conservatory of Music)
EnrollmentApproximately 1,200[citation needed]

The Conservatorio Nacional de Música (CNM) (National Conservatory of Music, in Spanish) is a music conservatory located in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico.


The Conservatory was founded on July 1, 1866, by the priest, teacher and choir conductor Agustín Caballero, with the support of the Mexican Philharmonic Society (Sociedad Filarmónica Mexicana) and Emperor Maximilian I.

It is the oldest official school of music in Mexico City (the oldest conservatory in Mexico and in the Americas is the Conservatorio de las Rosas in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico, created in 1743), and it is the host institution of the oldest symphonic orchestra in the country (Orquesta Sinfónica del Conservatorio Nacional, founded in 1881).

Since March 18, 1949, its campus is located in the Polanco section of Mexico City in an architectural complex designed and built by Mario Pani.

Front view of the National Conservatory of Music of Mexico.

Noted alumni[edit]

  • Juan R. Ramírez Hernández, violinist, composer, conductor

Noted professors[edit]

(main discipline(s) indicated)


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