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Chama cha Mageuzi na Ujenzi wa Taifa  (Swahili)
Abbreviation NCCR–M
Chairman James Mbatia
Secretary-General Mosena Nyambabe
Founder Emmanuel ole Sirikiwa[1]
Mabere Marando[2]
Founded 1992
Preceded by National Committee for Constitutional Reforms
Headquarters Dar es Salaam
Ideology Social democracy[3]
Political position Centre[4]
1 / 384
Zanzibar HoR
0 / 85
1 / 9
0 / 5
Pan-African Parliament
0 / 5

The National Convention for Construction and Reform – Mageuzi, popularly known by its acronym NCCR–Mageuzi, is an opposition political party in Tanzania.[5]


The party was registered on 21 March 1993.

Electoral performance[edit]

In the first multiparty elections that were held in October 1995, the party's presidential candidate Augustine Lyatonga Mrema emerged the second out of four candidates. In 2000 the party did not field a presidantial candidate, following unsuccessful attempt for candidacy by Mama Edith Lucina, the then vice chairperson of the party. In this election, the party won only one seat in the National Assembly elections held on the same day In elections held on 14 December 2005, NCCR–Mageuzi presidential candidate Sengondo Mvungi (who received the backing of four other political parties) placed fifth out of ten candidates, winning 0.49% of the vote. The party failed to win any seat in National Assembly elections.

In 2010 elections its presidential candidate Hashim Sipunda Rungwe emerged the fifth out of seven candidates. This time the party won four seats in the National Assembly elections.


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