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The National Council for Democracy and Development (French: Conseil national pour la démocratie et le développement, CNDD) was the ruling junta of Guinea from 2008 to 2010.

Historical background[edit]

The CNDD seized power in the 2008 Guinean coup d'état on 23 December 2008. This followed the death of the previous long-serving President, Lansana Conté.


On 5 May 2009 the government recalled thirty of the country's overseas ambassadors - about three quarters of the nation's total. No reason was given for the decision.[1]


On 23 December, the CNDD announced that the Council's members were:[2][3]

  1. Captain Moussa Dadis Camara - previously head of the army's fuel supplies unit [3]
  2. Brigadier General Mamadouba Camara
  3. Lt-Col Sékouba Konaté - previously head of an elite army unit [3]
  4. Lt-Col Mathurin Bangoura
  5. Lt-Col Aboubacar Sidiki Camara
  6. Commandant Oumar Baldé
  7. Commandant Mamadi Mara
  8. Commandant Almamy Camara
  9. Lieutenant Mamadou Bhoye Diallo
  10. Captain Kolako Béavogui
  11. Lt-Col Kandia Mara
  12. Colonel Sékou Mara
  13. Morciré Camara
  14. Alpha Yaya Diallo
  15. Lt-Col Mamadou Korka Diallo
  16. Captain Kéléti Faro
  17. Lieutenant Colonel Fodéba Touré
  18. Commandant Cheick Tidiane Camara
  19. Colonel Sékou Sako
  20. Sub-Lieutenant Claude Pivi
  21. Lieutenant Saa Alphonse Touré
  22. Moussa Kéïta
  23. Aédor Bah
  24. Commandant Bamou Lama
  25. Mohamed Lamine Kaba
  26. Captain Daman Condé
  27. Commandant Amadou Doumbouya
  28. Lieutenant Moussa Kékoro Camara
  29. Chief Adjutant Issa Camara
  30. Lt-Col Abdoulaye Chérif Diaby
  31. Dr Diakité Aboubacar Chérif
  32. Mamadi Condé
  33. Sub-Lieutenant Cheick Ahmed Touré


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