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The National Cutting Horse Association (or NCHA) is an equestrian organization in the United States that promotes and stages cutting events.[1] It was founded in 1946 at the Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show, and put on its first competition that same year at Dublin, Texas.[2]

It is currently headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.

The American Cutting Horse Association is an American division of the National Cutting Horse Association. This organization has a rider hall of fame, a horse hall of fame, and a member hall of fame specific to the United States. The goal of the American Cutting Horse Association is to provide all levels of horses and riders with the opportunity to compete in cutting competitions. They claim they are working towards the increase in popularity of training, breeding, and showing cutting horses in the United States. Families, individuals, and even companies are encouraged to get involved in the sport of cutting.[3]


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