National Cycle Route 12

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National Cycle Route 12 - from Enfield (London) to Grimsby (Lincolnshire)


Enfield to Huntingdon[edit]

Enfield[1] | Potter's Bar | Hatfield | Stevenage | Letchworth | Huntingdon

This section is marked from Hadley Wood station on the railway line from London to north of Letchworth on the county boundary.

At South Mimms the route has an entrance to South Mimms Services, the service station on the M25 Motorway. In Hatfield there is a spiral bridge and a scenic section through Steamwoods. The route also passes Mill Green Museum (watermill).

North of Welwyn Garden City NCR12 follows quiet country lanes but with some very steep hills. It passes Knebworth House and then through the centre of Stevenage. At Letchworth a short branch route takes riders to Standalone Farm, the new town's own model farm designed to teach town children about farms and animals.

Huntingdon to Grimsby[edit]

Huntingdon | Peterborough | Spalding | Boston | Grimsby