National Democracy (Italy)

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National Democracy
Democrazia Nazionale
Leader Alfredo Covelli
Founded 20 January 1977
Dissolved 16 December 1979
Split from Italian Social Movement
Ideology National conservatism
Italian nationalism
Political position Right-wing

The National Democracy (Democrazia Nazionale, DN) party was a spin-off of the Italian Social Movement, after the electoral defeat of 1976. It was born to pursue an agreement with the Christian Democracy, by moving from the neo-fascist ideology of the Italian Social Movement to a post-fascist moderate ideology.

The movement became a fully fledged party in February 1977 and ceased to exist in December 1979 after the very poor result of the 1979 election (0.6%).


  • Secretary: Ernesto De Marzio (1976–1978), Raffaele Delfino (1978–1979), Pietro Cerullo (1979)
  • President: Alfredo Covelli (1977–1979)

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