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The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is a group of Sudanese political parties that was formed in 1989 to oppose the new regime of Omar Hassan al-Bashir after he seized power in a military coup on June 6, 1989. The NDA signed a deal with the Sudanese government on June 18, 2005, following a peace agreement to the Second Sudanese Civil War on January 9, 2005. Some issues have yet to be resolved by opposing factions, including the conflict and humanitarian issues in the war-torn region of Darfur. After further violent clashes in the east, a separate peace deal was signed with the Beja Congress in October 2006.[1]

The Leadership Council of the NDA includes the following organizations:

  1. The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).
  2. The Umma Party.
  3. The Sudan People's Liberation Movement and Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLM/SPLA).
  4. The Union of Sudan African Parties (USAP).
  5. The Communist Party of Sudan (CPS).
  6. The General Council of the Trade Unions Federations.
  7. The Legitimate Command of the Sudanese Armed Forces.
  8. The Beja Congress.
  9. The Sudan Alliance Forces.
  10. The Federal Democratic Alliance.
  11. The Rashaida Free Lions.
  12. The Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party.
  13. Independent National Figures.
  14. Representatives of the Liberated Areas.
  15. Sudanese National Party.


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