National Democratic Party (Suriname)

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National Democratic Party
Nationale Democratische Partij
President Dési Bouterse
Founded 4 July 1987
Ideology Democratic socialism,
Social democracy
Political position Left-wing
National affiliation Mega Combination
Seats in the National Assembly
26 / 51

The National Democratic Party (NDP) (Dutch: Nationale Democratische Partij) is a political party in Suriname. It was founded on 4 July 1987 by Surinamese leader Dési Bouterse. In the 2015 general election the party scored 45.56% of the vote and 26 of 51 seats in parliament.[1]

Millennium Combinatie, an alliance in which the party was the main component, won ten out of 51 parliamentary seats and took 15% of the votes in the 2000 elections.

NDP chairman Bouterse was elected President of Suriname on 19 July 2010, after he won the 2010 elections with his Mega Combination of which the NDP was the dominant party. The party won the 2015 elections as well, winning 26 seats against an alliance of 7 (later 6) parties.


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