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National Dong Hwa University
Latin: Universitas Nationalis Donghwa
Other names
National Hualien University of Education
TypePublic (National)
Comprehensive University
Research University
(Merged 2008 with National Hualien University of Education, founded 1947)
PresidentDr. Han-Chieh Chao [zh]
Vice-presidentWei-Pang Yang
Academic staff
500+ (full time)
Students10,154 (2017)
Undergraduates7,659 (2017)
Postgraduates2,495 (2017)
23°53′38″N 121°32′37″E / 23.893906°N 121.543577°E / 23.893906; 121.543577Coordinates: 23°53′38″N 121°32′37″E / 23.893906°N 121.543577°E / 23.893906; 121.543577
CampusShoufeng (Rural)
251 ha(0.97 sq mi)
Meilun (Urban)
12.26 ha(0.047 sq mi)
Pingtung (Rural)
0.74 ha(0.003 sq mi)
Founding SpiritsFreedom, Democracy, Creativity, Excellence
民主, 自由, 創造, 卓越
ColorsNDHU Dark Green    
NDHU Golden    
Pan Pacific University League[1]
MascotTaiwan Native Pheasant
National Dong Hwa University
Traditional Chinese國立東華大學
Simplified Chinese国立东华大学
National Dong Hwa University

The National Dong Hwa University (NDHU; Chinese: 國立東華大學; pinyin: Guólì Dōng Huá Dàxué)[2] is founded as a Public Research University located in Hualien County, Taiwan.
NDHU is a comprehensive research university considered the high prestigious university in Eastern Taiwan, offering the 3rd widest range of disciplines among universities in Taiwan. Including the sciences, engineering, design, environment, law, arts, social sciences, education science, marine science, music, and business. The University consists of 8 colleges, 38 departments, 56 graduate institutes, some research centers, and serves over 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

NDHU's main campus is located in upper-middle part of Hualien county, accommodating an area of 251 ha (0.97 sq mi). Shoufeng campus houses almost all colleges and research institutes except the College of Marine Science, which is located on the Pingtung campus.

In 2018, NDHU is ranked 184th among 400+ universities from 41 emerging countries ,ranked 801-1000 in the world ,and 195th in Asia by the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.[3]. Also, NDHU is ranked 251-260th in Asia by the The QS Asia University Rankings[4]


The name Dong Hwa signifies NDHU's East Asia location while inviting a poetic allusion to the image of flowers. The school colours are green and yellow. The mascot is a native pheasant.[5]


The present university results from the 2008 merger of two public institutions: the National Dong Hwa University founded in 1994 (today's Shoufeng campus in Shoufeng Township), and the National Hualien University of Education founded in 1947 (today's Meilun campus in Hualien City).[6][7]


The main Dong Hwa campus is located in Shoufeng township in the Papaya Creek Delta region of Hualien County. The campus sits just north of the Tropic of Cancer about 35 kilometers south of Taroko National Park and 15 kilometers south of Hualien City. Located on an alluvial plain ringed by mountains, the campus is known for its distinctive architecture and natural setting.[8] Occupying over 251 hectares, the Shoufeng campus is Taiwan's largest flat land university site.[9]

A 12.26-hectare campus operates in Hualien City's Meilun district on the Pacific Ocean coast.[9] Dong Hwa's College of Marine Biology is based at the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (NMMBA) in Chechung township in Pingtung County.


Dong Hwa serves over 10,000 students and confers undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees in a comprehensive range of fields.[5][10][10] Major academic divisions include these:[10][11]

  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Department of Chinese Language & Literature
    • Department of Counseling & Clinical Psychology
    • Department of Sinophone Literatures
    • Department of English
    • Department of Taiwan & Regional Studies
    • Department of History
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Sociology
    • Department of Law
    • Department of Public Administration
    • Graduate Institute of Financial & Economic Law
  • College of Science and Engineering
    • Department of Applied Mathematics
    • Department of Physics
    • Department of Life Science
    • Department of Chemistry
    • Department of Opto-Electronic Engineering
    • Department of Electrical Engineering
    • Department of Materials Science & Engineering
    • Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering
  • College of Management
    • Department of Business Administration
    • Graduate Institute of Logistics Management
    • Department of International Business
    • Department of Accounting
    • Department of Information Management
    • Department of Finance
    • Department of Tourism, Recreation & Leisure Studies
    • Executive Master Program of Business Administration (EMBA)
    • Bachelor's Program of Management Science & Finance (International Program)
  • Hua-Shih College of Education
    • Department of Education & Human Potentials Development
    • Department of Education Administration & Management
    • Department of Special Education
    • Department of Physical Education & Kinesiology
    • Department of Early Childhood Education
  • College of The Arts
    • Department of Music
    • Department of Arts & Design
    • Department of Arts & Creative Industries
  • College of Indigenous Studies
    • Department of Ethnic Relations & Cultures
    • Department of Indigenous Languages & Communication
    • Department of Indigenous Affairs & Development
    • Bachelor's Program of Indigenous Social Work
  • College of Environmental Studies
    • Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Studies
    • Master's Program of Humanity and Environmental Science
  • College of Marine Sciences
    • Graduate Institute of Marine Biology
  • Center for General Education
    • General Education Center
    • Arts Center
    • Physical Education Center
    • Language Center
    • Chinese Language Center
    • Pre-major Program
  • Center for Teacher Education

University Rankings[edit]

University rankings
THE World[12] 801-1000
Times Asia[14] 195
QS Asia[13] 201-250

NDHU is well regarded as Top 10% University in Taiwan by Times Higher Education World University Rankings & QS Asis University Rankings.

  • Top 5 High Potential University in Taiwan by THE Young University Ranking
In 2019, NDHU is awarded as Top 5 high development potential University in Taiwan & 201-250th in the world by Times Higher Education Young University Rankings.[15]
  • Top 15 University in Taiwan by THE World University Ranking
In 2018, NDHU is regarded 12th in Taiwan by Times Higher Education World University Rankings. In terms of Research Power and International Outlook, NDHU is ranked 10th and 6th in Taiwan by 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
  • Top 8 University in Science & Technology in Taiwan
    • The field of Computer Sciences in NDHU is ranked No.7 in Taiwan & 401-500th in the world by THE World University Rankings 2019 by Subject.[16]
    • The field of Engineering & Technology in NDHU is ranked No.6 in Taiwan & 501-600th in the world.[17]
    • The field of Physical Sciences in NDHU is ranked No.8 in Taiwan & 601-800th in the world.[18]
  • Asia Leadership and Management Team of the Year by THE Awards Asia 2019
In 2019, NDHU is recently appraised of "THE Asia Leadership and Management Team of the Year", which is the award included National University of Singapore and National University of Malaysia by THE Awards Asia 2019.


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