National Down Syndrome Society

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National Down Syndrome Society
NDSS logo.jpg
Abbreviation NDSS
Formation 1979
Purpose Disability Advocate
Headquarters Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA United States
Official language
English, Spanish
Sara Hart Weir
Website NDSS Official Website

The National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) is an American organization that offers support to people with Down syndrome, their families, friends, teachers, and coworkers, and educates the general public about Down syndrome. The mission of the NDSS is to be the leading human rights organization for all individuals with Down syndrome.[1]


When Carson Goodwin was born with Down syndrome in 1978, her parents, Betsy and Barton Goodwin, dedicated themselves to gathering as much information as possible about Down syndrome and creating opportunities for Carson to grow and learn like any other child. They soon discovered that support and resources available to parents of a child with Down syndrome were very limited. Betsy began collaborating with her close friend, Arden Moulton, on an idea to address those pressing needs.

Through the efforts of Betsy and Arden, the NDSS gained official nonprofit status in 1979.

Areas of Programming[edit]

NDSS focuses on four items of programming to enhance the quality of life for people with Down syndrome.

- The National Policy Center creates systematic change through legislative policy.

- The National Buddy Walk Program honors and celebrates individuals with Down syndrome in their communities.

- The Public Awareness Initiatives bring new and positive presentations of Down syndrome to the public.

- The Community Programs provide information and resources about Down syndrome.


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