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The National Dunking Association was a membership-based organization started by The Doughnut Corporation of America. It was established in the 1930s to help popularize doughnuts in North America.[1]

At its peak, the association claimed millions of members across more than 300 chapters. Members included famous actors, athletes, political figures, and people of all ages.[2]


Members were encouraged to eat doughnuts using the Official Dunking Rules, a step-by-step method outlined by the organization.[3] The lighthearted rules referred to dunking donuts as a sport and instructed members to break their donuts in half before swishing them rhythmically in coffee, cocoa, tea, or milk.[4]

The association held various doughnut-focused events including an annual convention in New York City.[5]


Presidents of the National Dunking Association included Jimmy Durante, Jack Lemmon, Red Skelton, Joey Bishop, and Johnny Carson.[6] Bert Nevins served as the organization's vice president.[7]

Famous Members[edit]


The National Dunking Association was located at 50 East 42nd Street in New York City.[7]


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