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National Egg Coordination Committee

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National Egg Coordination Committee
Founder(s)Dr. Banda Vasudev Rao
EstablishedMay 1982
ChairDr. Banda Vasudev Rao
Slogan"Sunday ho ya Monday Roz khao Ande"

National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) is an association of poultry farmers in India with more than 25,000 members. Its programmes include market intervention, price support operations, egg promotion campaigns, consumer education, market research, rural market development and liaisons with the government on vital issues concerning the industry


NECC's role in the Indian egg industry mainly focuses on egg pricing. After fulfilling its original purpose NECC expanded its scope of activities to achieve the following:[1]

  • Determining egg price based on fair return for farmer, decent margin for middleman, and reasonable cost for customer.[2]
  • Monitoring, managing, regulating the stocks from surplus to deficit regions.
  • Market intervention through Agrocorpex India Limited.
  • Having a dependable and close network of marketeers that use multi level marketing to sell the products.
  • Promoting egg trade, egg farm, and egg exports.
  • Making technology and information available for increased production of eggs.


The Indian Poultry industry suffered an unusual series of crises in the early 1980s[citation needed], as the selling price had become lower than the production cost. Many of the poultry farmers shut down their farm operations as a result of heavy losses. A group of farmers motivated by Dr. B. V. Rao and Ch. Jagapati Rao traveled across the country, organizing over 300 meetings with groups, individuals, and traders. Their objective was to unite poultry farmers from all over India. In May 1982, NECC was formally registered as a trust under the Indian Societies Registration Act and on 14 May 1982, NECC started declaring egg prices.[3]


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