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PredecessorSaab's factories and assets
Number of locations
Fuzhou, China
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phnom Penh, Cambodia[citation needed]
Key people
Stefan Tilk (President)
Number of employees
1000+ (2018)[1]
ParentChina Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group

NEVS AB (an abbreviated form of "National Electric Vehicle Sweden")[2] is a Swedish electric car manufacturer which acquired the assets of Saab Automobile from a bankruptcy estate in 2012. NEVS is the trademark of the company's products including the first electric vehicle based on the 9-3 platform which was to start in 2017.


On 31 August 2012, NEVS acquired the main assets of the Saab Automobile bankruptcy estates.[3]

In December 2015 the company signed a strategic collaboration agreement with the Chinese company Panda New Energy, an energy vehicle leasing company that focuses on limiting emissions. According to the agreement, NEVS will provide Panda with 150,000 9-3 sedan electric vehicles until the end of 2020.[4]

NEVS signed a battery contract with Contemporary Amperex Technology in 2017.[5]

In 2017, DiDi announced to place a SEK 4 billion order.[6] However, the agreement was collapsed.[7]

In early 2019, NEVS acquired a 20% stake in Koenigsegg for €150 million.[8] Koenigsegg has since then bought the stake back from NEVS.[9]

Owners and management[edit]

Chinese real estate conglomerate Evergrande Group, via its listed subsidiary: Evergrande Health Industry Group (Evergrande Health; SEHK:708), acquired 51% of the shares in NEVS in January 2019.[10]

In July 2020, Evergrande Health announced plans to privatizate NEVS by acquiring all the shares of NEVS.[11] The company also announced a rebranding to China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group.

In 2021, it was reported that Evergrande was deep in debt[12] and so was trying to sell NEVS to various Chinese investment firms, such as the Xiaomi Consortium.[13][14] If all of Evergrande's automobile division is sold to a new owner, it is likely that sister brand Hengchi[15] will be the marque that will survive, as NEVS has struggled to put their version of the Saab 9-3 into production at their Tianjin plant.


NEVS currently only sells vehicles in China.

Current vehicles[edit]

  • 9-3 2012-2015 (under Saab name), 2017-present (under NEVS name), a compact electric sedan based on the Saab 9-3.
  • The Sango, a prototype self-driving 6 passenger vehicle for city mobility.[16]

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