National Flag Order

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National Flag Order
Awarded by the President of Albania
Type Order
Eligibility Albanians, Foreign nationals[1]
Awarded for "As a token of gratitude and recognition for those who by their acts and good name contribute to honoring the Albanian nation."
Status Currently awarded
His Excellency the President of Albania
Chancellor His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs
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The National Flag Order Albanian: Dekorata e Flamurit Kombëtar, is one of the highest decoration to be given in Albania, among the Civil awards and decorations of Albania, and was instituted by special law Nr.8113, of 28 March 1996.[2]

This award is granted to Albanians or foreigners for extraordinary contributions for the sublimation of the Albanian nation and Albania.

Mostly the proposer of this Order is the President of the Republic through his own initiative. It could also be the Speaker of Assembly or the Prime Minister.[3]

Famous Recipients of National Flag Order[edit]