National Football League (Fiji)

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National Football League
Country  Fiji
Confederation OFC (Oceania)
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Fiji Super Premier Division
International cup(s) OFC Champions League
Current champions Lautoka FC (2017)
Most championships Ba FC (20)
2018 Fiji National Football League

National Football League is the top division of the Fiji Football Association in Fiji. Since 2016, the league has been called the Vodafone Premier League after a sponsorship deal with Vodafone Fiji.[1]

Current clubs[edit]

Previous winners[edit]

National Club Championship[edit]

League Championship (for Districts)[edit]

Club Franchise League[edit]


Year Best scorers Team Goals
2001 Fiji Lorima Batirerega Ba FC 57
2003 Fiji Keni Doidoi Ba FC 38
2006 Fiji Josaia Bukalidi Jr Ba FC 43
2007 Fiji Maciu Dunadamu Labasa FC 17
2008 Fiji Roy Krishna Labasa FC 31
2009 Fiji Keni Doidoi Lautoka FC 12
2017 Saula Waqa Ba FC 10


  1. ^ "Vodafone Fiji backs soccer league". Newswire. February 13, 2016. Retrieved October 8, 2017. 
  2. ^ Ba FC won the league and finished top of the points table, but second-placed Lautoka FC were awarded the title on Mar 11, 2011, after having a protest pertaining to their match on May 8, 2010 against Rewa (which finished 1–1) ruled in their favour. [1] But the decision was overruled in July 2011, and Ba was declared the winner. [2]

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