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The NFL's Quarterback Challenge was an annual competition of National Football League quarterbacks, sponsored in part by DirecTV, produced by NFL, PLAYERS INC and NFL QB Greats. The first NFL Quarterback Challenge took place in 1990. The event were previously sponsored by 989 Sports and in 2005 by Electronic Arts EA Sports.

In Videogames[edit]

NFL-licensed NFL Quarterback Challenge, created by ProAppSports and produced by Adisoft Studios is currently available on Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices. An officially NFL-licensed Quarterback Challenge appeared in 2 other different console video games. Both video game versions appeared in the same Quarterback Club series of games by Acclaim Entertainment. The Quarterback Challenge mode appeared in the first and last versions of the game series. The first was in the original Quarterback Club game released in 1994 on the Super NES and SEGA Genesis. The second and final appearance of the challenge was in NFL QB Club 2002, published in 2001 for the Sony PS2 and Nintendo GameCube. The first version was a sprite-based 2D game, while the later version was fully 3D. Both of these games and all games in this series were developed by Iguana Entertainment in Austin, TX. The 1994 SNES/Genesis version was produced by Russell Byrd. The 2001 PS2/GameCube version was produced by Charles Normann.


On November 2007 NFL cancelled Quarterback Challenge. Cayman Islands Tourism confirmed on March 8, 2008 that NFL officially discontinued the competition indefinitely.[1]

Past winners[edit]


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