National Art Gallery of Albania

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National Arts Gallery of Albania
Galeria e Arteve.jpg
Galeria Kombetare e Arteve
National Art Gallery of Albania is located in Albania
National Art Gallery of Albania
Location in Tirana
Established 1946 (current building opened in 1956)
Location Shëtitorja Murat Toptani, Tirana, Albania, Albania
Coordinates 41°19′33″N 19°49′11″E / 41.325820°N 19.819742°E / 41.325820; 19.819742
Website Galeria Kombetare e Arteve official website
National Art Gallery in Tirana

The National Arts Gallery of Albania (bevore: "National Gallery of Figurative Arts") (Albanian: Galeria Kombetare e Arteve) has a fund of over 4,000 works of art by Albanian and foreign authors, spanning seven centuries of Albanian cultural heritage.[1][2]

National Gallery of Art is a state institution under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports. It operates in accordance with the Law on Museums and National Cultural Heritage Law of the Republic of Albania.

NGA works on the basis of her status which is approved by the Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports, as well as its internal regulations. National Gallery of Art has its beginnings to the efforts of a group of Albanian artists and Arts Committee 1946.

Pinakoteka was the first institution of fine arts in Albania. After multiple attempts, on January 11, 1954 it was officially opened to the public Gallery of Arts in Tirana.

In 1956, following the acquisition of works of art fund, of creativity and acquisitions boom era, Gallery moved to a more suitable building, three stories in "Fortuzi" and numerous exhibition spaces, as inside and outside.

Gallery, worked in two main directions in the line of permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions opening of Albanian and foreign artists. New visions about development and exposure to fine arts and purchases increased number of works of art and brought a demand for more functional building, which was inaugurated on 29 November 1974, on the Boulevard "Martyrs of the Nation" building, where the today. This is the moment of reorganization and restructuring of the first, which consisted in establishing an administrative structure, which consisted of some relevant sectors and in view of artistic activities.

New Gallery Fund, up to this time had 340 works and in its archives were 240 registered authors. Since this year the NGA functions as the most important institution and the only national exposure, conservation, research, restoration, education, publishing, documentation and archiving of works of art in Albania. By the Council of Ministers no. 350, dated 10-08-1992, Art Gallery takes its name National Gallery with this motivation: "To better express the purpose and functioning of the body alone, which protects national interests and propagates Albanian fine arts." Since 1949 until today, the National Gallery functions as the only cultural institution of its kind.

In 2009 the National Gallery of Art were undertaken significant investments, which consist of a qualitative reconstruction of interior spaces and return to their original project as close to the building, as well as the conception of a new online museum that responds knowledge, education and information to the public artistic domestic and foreign levels much higher.

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