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The National Gallery of Thailand is an art gallery located in Bangkok, Thailand.


The Treasury Department and Ministry of Finance presented the old Royal Mint building to the Fine Arts Department to be converted into the National Gallery on April 19, 1974. The grand opening took place on August 8, 1977, to celebrate Queen Sirikit's birthday which took place on 12 August.[1]


Permanent exhibition 930.5 m2 (10,016 sq ft)
Temporary exhibition 1,410 m2 (15,177 sq ft)
Auditorium 475 m2 (5,113 sq ft)
Recreation 500 m2 (5,382 sq ft)
Office 815 m2 (8,773 sq ft)
Total[1] 4,130 m2 (44,455 sq ft)


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