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National Geographic Channel
NGC Asia logo used from 2002 to present
Launched 1 January 1994 (as NBC Asia)
1 August 1998 (as National Geographic Channel Asia)
Network Fox Networks Group
Owned by 21st Century Fox through Fox Networks Group
National Geographic Television & Film
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan "This is who we are"
Language English
Broadcast area Asia
Headquarters Mumbai, Hong Kong, Singapore
Formerly called NBC Asia
(1 January 1994-31 July 1998)
Replaced NBC Asia
(1 January 1994-31 July 1998)
Website [1]
Channel 553 (SD)
Channel 573 (HD)
(Turkey )
1 December
Tata Sky
Channel 551 (SD)
Channel 552 (HD)
Channel 569 (SD)
Channel 558 (HD)
Channel 202
Channel 436 (HD)
Channel 250 (HD)
Cignal Digital TV
Channel 76 (SD)
Channel 122 (HD)
Channel 51 (HD)
Sun Direct TV
Channel 61 (HD)
Airtel Digital TV
Channel 5341 (HD)
G Sat
Channel 20
Dream Satellite TV
Channel 28
Channel 601
Channel 306
(Middle East & North Africa)
Channel 100 (HD) [2]
TVB Pay Vision
(Hong Kong)
Channel 70
HKC Sat, Cable TV
(Hong Kong)
Channel 52
Channel 216
Dialog TV
(Sri Lanka)
Channel 39 (SD)
Channel 78 (HD)
Lippo Vision TV
Channel TBA
Channel 600
Top TV
Channel 202
Topas TV
Channel TBA
Channel 28 (SD)
Channel 4 (HD)
Yes TV
Channel 444
OSN (Middle East
& North Africa)
Channel 513 (HD)
SKYNET (Myanmar) Channel 66 (SD)
Channel 47 (SD)
Channel 62 (HD)
GMMZ Thailand Channel 391 (SD) Channel 422 (HD)
First Media
Channel 110 (SD)
Channel 361 (HD)
Channel 41, Channel 204 (Digital)
Channel 171, Channel 723 (HD)
Destiny Cable
Channel 55 (Analog)
Channel 41 (Digital)
Pioneer Cable Vision Inc. (PCVI)
Channel 26 (SD)
Channel 62 (SD)
Channel 331 (HD)
Channel 569 (SD)
Channel 558 (HD)
Channel 30
FDI Digital Cable
Channel 500
Channel 126
Macau Cable TV
Channel 51
Jogja Medianet
Channel ???
Hathway (India) Channel ??? (HD)
Asianet Digital TV(India) Channel 403
Max3 (Indonesia) Channel ??? (HD and SD)
Parasat Cable TV
Channel 72
StarHub TV
Channel 411 (SD)
Channel 457 (HD)

Channel 400 (SD)

Channel 805 (HD)
VTVcab (Vietnam) Channel 84 (HD)
(Sri Lanka)
Channel 50
now TV
(Hong Kong)
Channel 215 (SD)
Channel 218 (HD)
Groovia TV
Channel 61
Channel 10
Channel 62
Mio TV
Channel 201
Channel 202(Nat Geo Play)
Channel 203(HD)
M2V Mobile TV
Channel 10

National Geographic Channel (Nat Geo Asia, was formerly known as NBC Asia from 1 January 1994 until 31 July 1998) is a 24-hour Asian subscription television channel that features non-fiction, factual programming involving nature, science, culture and history, produced by the National Geographic Society, just like History and the Discovery Channel.

It was launched on 1 January 1994 by the partnership and distribution with STAR TV, Fox International Channels, and now Fox Networks Group is a Hong Kong-based pan-Asian satellite network owned by Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox a replacing the NBC Asia channel on 1 August 1998. As of 2008, the Asian version of National Geographic Channel is available in over 56 million homes. NGC Asia has six different channels feeds.


NBC Asia (1 January 1994-31 July 1998)[edit]

On 1 January 1994, NBC it was officially launched to grand inaugurated a pay television channel in Asia called NBC Asia available in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Cayman Islands, Micronesia, British Virgin Islands, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, South Korea, People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macau, Republic of China, Thailand and Philippines at how many of 20-countries of the Asia it like of NBC Europe, NBC Asia featured most of NBC programs as well as NBC Nightly News (a flagship daily evening primetime television news program for NBC News), The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live and Late Night. Like its European counterpart, it could not broadcast United States-produced primetime shows due to rights restrictions. It also had NBC Sports for the latest action in selected sporting events such: NFL on NBC (a subsidiary of NFL), MLB on NBC (a subsidiary of MLB), NBA on NBC (a subsidiary of NBA) and NHL on NBC (a subsidiary of NHL). During weekday evenings, NBC Asia had a regional evening news program. It occasionally simulcast some programs from CNBC Asia and MSNBC.

National Geographic Asia (1 August 1998-now)[edit]

On 1 August 1998, NBC Asia was replaced by the National Geographic Channel. As is the case with NBC Europe, however, selected The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live and Late Night episodes and Meet the Press can still be seen on CNBC Asia during weekends. CNBC Asia shows NFL games and also brands them as Sunday Night Football.

Operating channels[edit]

  • National Geographic Channel Asia - This channel has bilingual feed with English and Cantonese in selected programs only.
  • In Indonesia, the channel available in HD and SD with English audio and Indonesian subtitles in almost all programme.
  • National Geographic Channel HD Asia
  • National Geographic Channel India - This Channel Telecasts All Programs in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Bengali
  • National Geographic Channel Israel - With Hebrew Subtitles.
  • National Geographic Channel HD Israel
  • National Geographic Channel Middle East - Simulcast from NGC Asia from 11:00 P.M. to 5:00 A.M. H.K. Time.
  • National Geographic Channel Philippines - Separated from the Asia feed with local advertisement, local programming, TV shopping and selected programs are exact same time as Asia feed. (Joint Venture with OmniContent Management Inc.)
  • National Geographic Channel Japan - With Japanese Subtitles.
  • National Geographic Channel China - With Chinese And English Subtitles.
  • National Geographic Channel Taiwan - With Chinese Subtitles.
  • National Geographic Channel Hong Kong - Separated from the Asia feed with local advertisement, Chinese Subtitles and bilingual feed with English and Cantonese in selected programs.
  • National Geographic Channel HD India
  • In Malaysia and Singapore, the National Geographic HD channel that is broadcast is not the Asian feed, It is the American feed. However, any US ads that air are replaced with Malaysian or Singaporean ads, and they switch some latest episodes to older ones.
  • In the Philippines, selected National Geographic Channel programs (like Ancient X Files) will be aired by local TV station TV5 Philippines

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