National Government Offices Administration

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The National Government Offices Administration (Chinese: 国家机关事物管理局, abbreviated as Chinese: 国管局) is an agency directly under the State Council of People's Republic of China. It manages the offices for the central government and various national agencies in Beijing. It is responsible for government procurement, government employees housing, state-sponsored conferences and other matters regarding logistics.[1]


The administration is established in December 1950, as in Government Offices Administration of the Government Administration Council of the Central People's Government (Chinese: 中央人民政府政务院机关事务管理局). After the 1954 Constitution was passed, following a re-structuring of the government, it became the Government Offices Administration of the State Council(Chinese: 国务院机关事务管理局). In March 2013, the name is changed to National Government Offices Administration.


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