National Graphical Association

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National Graphical Association
NGA82 logo.jpg
Founded 1964
Date dissolved 1991
Merged into Society of Graphical and Allied Trades
Members 136,300 (1982)
Affiliation TUC, P&KTF
Key people Robert Willis, Tony Dubbins
Country United Kingdom

The National Graphical Association (NGA) was a British trade union. It was formed in 1964 by the merger of two long-term rival unions, the Typographical Association and the London Typographical Society. It was joined by a large number of small craft print unions including the Society of Electrotypers and Stereotypers; Press Telegraphists; The Association of Correctors Of The Press; Amalgamated Lithographic Printers; Society of Lithographic Artists, Designers and Engravers (SLADE) and the National Union of Wallcoverings and Allied Trades. By 1982 it had a membership of 136,300.

The NGA merged with the Society of Graphical and Allied Trades in 1991 to form the Graphical, Paper and Media Union.

Recruitment activities[edit]

In 1978 the General Secretary Joe Wade (see below) asserted in a letter to the Sunday Times that "recruitment through secondary boycott has been a legitimate trade union tactic for many years."[1]

General Secretaries[edit]


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