National Guard of Pakistan

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Pakistan National Guard
Active 1994–present
Country  Pakistan
Branch State emblem of Pakistan.svgParamilitary forces of Pakistan
Type Paramilitary[citation needed]
Role Law enforcement/Border patrol
Size 185,000
Part of  Pakistan Army
Garrison/HQ Classified

The 185,000-member National Guard (Urdu: قومیمحافظ‎), is a paramilitary force[citation needed] comprising the Mujahid Force and the Janbaz Force, a locally recruited militia mainly charged with air defense, and two programs similar to the United States Reserve Officers Training Corps, the National Cadet Corps and the Women's Guard.[1] The Women's Guard, unlike the National Cadet Corps, included individuals trained in nursing, welfare, and clerical work. There were also some women in the Janbaz Force, and a very small number of women were recruited into the regular service in limited numbers to perform medical and educational work. The National Cadet Corps was disbanded 14 years ago.[2]


The National Guard contains the following combatant organizations:

  • Mujahid Force of 60,000, organized in battalions, some with light air defence capability. Some units are deployed in Azad Kashmir and few Units are serving in Cantt Area as well.
  • Janbaz Force of 100,000, whose members are intended to serve close to their home districts.
  • National Cadet Corps.

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