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National Gypsum Company is a company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, that produces drywall gypsum boards in the US. It has 17 gypsum board plants in the US and presents itself as a fully integrated building products manufacturer.[1] It is a private company, incorporated as New NGC, Inc. in 1993. It is one of the seven producers which hold approximately 81% of the worldwide wallboard market (Georgia Pacific, Knauf, Continental Building Products, National Gypsum, Saint-Gobain, U.S. Gypsum and Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd)[2]

Subsidiary National Gypsum (Canada) Ltd. operates the largest open-pit gypsum mine in the world in Milford Station Nova Scotia. This mine produces approximately 8000 tons of gypsum daily[when?] (during full production it is capable of producing over 15,000 tons per day), most of which is moved by rail approximately 30 miles to a ship loading facility at Wright's Cove, on the Dartmouth side of Halifax Harbour.[citation needed]

The company was founded in 1925 by Melvin H. Baker, Joseph F. Haggerty, and Clarence E. Williams.[3]

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