National Hangeul Museum

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National Hangeul Museum
국립한글박물관건물 (1).jpg
Established2014 (2014)
LocationYongsan District, Seoul, South Korea
Coordinates37°31′16″N 126°58′51″E / 37.521174°N 126.980938°E / 37.521174; 126.980938Coordinates: 37°31′16″N 126°58′51″E / 37.521174°N 126.980938°E / 37.521174; 126.980938

The National Hangeul Museum (Korean: 국립한글박물관) was established in 2014 in the Yongsan District of Seoul (South Korea) near the National Museum of Korea. Occupying over 11,322 square metres (121,870 sq ft), it showcases the cultural and political context, linguistic structure and evolution of the Korean alphabetical character system known as Hangul (Hangeul) through exhibitions, research activities, and education.[1]

The museum has a basement level with an auditorium and three ground levels with lecture rooms, a library, a permanent exhibition hall, a special exhibition hall[2] as well as a Hangeul Learning Center and a Children's Museum with a Hangeul playground.[3]

There is plenty of text in English for non-Korean speakers, along with interactive games and audio-visual displays highlighting elements of Hangeul and providing basic reading and writing skills.


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