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National Health Action Party
Interim Leader Dr Paul Hobday
Founded 14 May 2012
Headquarters Kidderminster[1]
Membership  (2015) Increase 5,500
Colours      Blue

The National Health Action Party (NHA) is a political party in the United Kingdom.

The party grew out of the movement opposing the 2012 Health and Social Care Act.[2] It campaigns for renationalisation of the privatized parts of the English National Health Service, reductions in outsourcing as well as improvements to NHS funding, service provision and staffing.[3][4] Despite focusing on health, the party has a range of policies in areas such as the economy, housing and education. These include opposition to austerity and a call for political reform.[5]

The party is currently led by interim leader Dr Paul Hobday.[6] Having stood candidates in local and European parliamentary elections in 2014, the party contested 12 seats in the 2015 general election, coming seventh in England according to the popular vote.[7]


The passage of the Health and Social Care Act in March 2012 prompted the party's co-founder Clive Peedell, a cancer specialist doctor, to co-write an open letter to The Independent alongside esteemed medical signatories.[8] The letter was highly critical of the Liberal Democrats for their role in the passage of the Act and stated that the signatories would "form a coalition of healthcare professionals to take on coalition MPs at the next General election, on the non-party, independent ticket of defending the NHS and acting in the wider public interest". Two months later, on 14 May 2012, Peedell co-founded the NHA Party with retired doctor Richard Taylor, who had twice been elected as MP for Wyre Forest on an 'independent health' component to his local hospital party name.[2] The party officially launched in Westminster in November 2012.[9] Party co-founder Dr Clive Peedell resigned as party leader in July 2016 and was replaced by Dr Paul Hobday as interim leader. A new party leader will be elected at the party's annual general meeting in autumn 2016.[6]


As of December 2015 the party has 70,000 followers on Twitter and 23,750 on Facebook.[10]

Cultural figures[edit]

Best-selling authors Mark Haddon[11] and Philip Pullman,[12] satirist Armando Iannucci[13] and comedian Rufus Hound. Hound stood as an NHA Party candidate in the London constituency for the 2014 European elections.[14]


The party has a range of policies on healthcare, political reform, the economy, immigration, housing, education and environmental sustainability.[5][15]


  • To reverse perceived privatisation and restore a publicly run NHS that provides universal healthcare.
  • To repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2012, remove the internal market and purchaser/provider split, and end use of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deals.
  • To protect the NHS from involvement in international trade agreements such as TTIP.
  • To involve patients and staff in NHS decision processes and reduce reliance on management consultants.
  • To improve public health, social care, housing and other matters that affect the nation's health.
  • To demand a moratorium on hospital re-configurations unless there are evidence-based, clinical reasons with local and staff support and adequate alternatives already in place.

Political reform[edit]


Electoral performance[edit]

General Election results[edit]

Year Candidates Total votes Average votes per candidate  % of total vote Average % vote per candidate Saved Deposits Number of MPs
2015[7] 12 20,210 1,684 0.1 3.26 2 0

Local Election results[edit]

Year Candidates Total votes Average votes per candidate Average % vote per candidate Number of Councillors
2014 7 1,177 168 6 0
2015 4 638 160 3.1 0
2016 0 0 0 N/A 1*
* Defection of Liberal Democrat community councillor to party in June 2016 [16]

European Parliament Election results[edit]

Year London constituency MEPs elected
2014 23,253 0

By-election results[edit]

Constituency Date Candidate Number
of votes
 % of
Eastleigh 28 February 2013 Iain Maclennan 392 0.9 6th

2015 General Election[edit]

NHA campaign launch 2015. From left to right: Richard Taylor, Paul Hobday, John Lamport, Clive Peedell, Helen Salisbury, Karen Howell, Roseanne Edwards, Louise Irvine, Dave Ash.

The party stood 12 candidates at the United Kingdom general election, 2015.[17] Targeted seats included those of leading proponents of the Health and Social Care Bill such as David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt. The candidates were:[18]

The twelve candidates collected a total of 20,210 votes and saved two deposits, but none won.

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