State Register of Immovable Landmarks of Ukraine

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The State Register of Immovable (Tangible) Monuments of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Державний реєстр нерухомих пам'яток України) is a register of some 3,300 objects of cultural heritage in Ukraine. An object of cultural heritage added to the register is known as a landmark.

The registry was established as early as 1960s. It was established according to article 5 of the second protocol to the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, which provides for the establishment of national registers of cultural property.

Register sign placards (example).

The list is split by regions including cities with special status. There are two types of lists for immobile landmarks of national significance and of local significance. The landmarks are being classified as archaeological, historical, monumental art, architecture and urban planning, garden-park artistry, historical landscape, science, and technology.

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