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National Highway 183A
National Highway 183A at Adoor
Major junctions
FromTitanium Junction (Kollam)[1]
Sasthamkotta, Adoor, Pathanamthitta, Perunad, Angamoozhy, Kakki, Gavi,
Highway system

National Highway 183A, also known as NH 183A, is a National Highway in the Indian state of Kerala that runs from Titanium Junction(Kollam Metropolitan Area), to Vandiperiyar via Adoor and Pathanamthitta.[2][3] It is the 4th National Highway passing through the Kollam district.

Elevation to National Highway[edit]

The road was declared a National Highway (NH) on 4 March 2014. It conforms to NH standards for a two-lane traffic highway from Adoor to Plapally. The section past Plapally is only 4 meters wide and passes through forest and wildlife areas. The Forest Department raised concerns over the road's alignment. Once upgraded, a new connection from Vandiperiyar to Sabarimala is planned.

Major cities and linking towns[edit]

  • Titanium Junction
  • Sasthamkotta
  • Kadampanad
  • Adoor
    • Nellimootil Padi Bridge Junction (NH 183A starts from MC Road) Adoor Bypass also starts here
    • Adoor Central (junction with KP Road)
    • Anandapaly (Thumpamon Road starts, a church is situated here)
  • Thattayil
    • Mankuzhi Keerukuzhy – Thumpamon road starts here
    • Tholuzham a small junction in Thattayil, the famous Orippurathu bhagavathi temple is situated near this junction
  • Kaipattoor
    • Kaipattoor Thekke Kurishu: Ezhamkulam Road starts via Chandanapally, Kodumon
    • Kaipattoor Kadav Jn (Konni Road starts via Vallikkode)
    • Kaipattoor Central Jn. (Pandalam Road starts via Thumpamon)
  • Pathanamthitta
    • PTA Stadium Jn.: Ring road crosses
    • Pathanamthitta – Intersects with Ring Road, TK Road
    • Mylapra – Crosses Punaloor Moovattupuzha Main Eastern Hwy
    • Mannarakulanji – Ranni Road deviates along Punaloor Moovattupuzha Main Eastern Hwy
  • Vadasserikkera
  • Perunad
  • Lahai
  • Plappally
    • Plappally – Pamba (Sabarimala Road), deviates to Angamoozhy
  • Vandiperiyar


The stretch between Adoor and Pathanamthitta is one of the road's busiest sections. Most traffic consists of trucks carrying consumer goods, construction material, container trucks and passenger vehicles. At night, the highway handles more goods-related traffic. Many large industry like Kerala Minerals and Metals limited, small scale cottage industries, rubber plantations, Engineering colleges and textile parks are located along this highway. This highway is particularly busy during the Sabarimala Season and is one of the trunk ways.

Passenger traffic in this stretch is shared by both KSRTC and Private buses. The KollamPathanamthitta chain service and PunalurKanjirappally chain services of KSRTC serve this route.

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