National Highway 18 (India)

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National Highway 18
Route information
Length: 359 km (223 mi)
Major junctions
From: Gobindpur, Jharkhand
To: Balasore, Odisha
States: Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha

Chas Purulia Chandil Jamshedpur Ghatshila Baharagora

Highway system
NH 17 NH 118

National Highway 18 (NH 18)(combination of old NH 32,NH 33 and NH 5) is a National Highway in India. It originates from Gobindpur, Dhanbad and terminates at Balasore, Odisha.[1] It passes through Dhanbad city, Mahuda, Chas, Purulia, Balrampur, Jamshedpur, Ghatshila, Baharagora, Baripada and Balasore. It was earlier NH32 but it got changed in 2012.