National Highway 28C (India)(old numbering)

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National Highway 28C marker

National Highway 28C
Route information
Length: 140 km (90 mi)
Major junctions
From: Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh
To: near Nepalganj, Nepal
States: Uttar Pradesh
Barabanki - Bahraich - Nepalganj
Highway system
NH 28B NH 29

National Highway 28C (NH 28C) is an Indian National Highway entirely within the state of Uttar Pradesh. This 140 km (87 mi) long highway links Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh to Rupaidiha in Uttar Pradesh.[1]

This highway is in very poor condition, especially the stretch from Nanpara to Rupaidiha. Recently, the Central Government has undertaken this route seriously and the complete route is being upgraded with a new four-lane Highway.

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Since the projects are always important to the country and its residents but when it does not complete in its time frame or authorities do not pay attention on the projects then it becomes worse.

The same is going with the NH 28C projects also, hence it is request to you all those who are associates with the project please try your level best to complete it.

This highway also joins India to Nepal, hence the image of India is also attached to it.