National Highway 365 (India)

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National Highway 365 shield}}

National Highway 365
Map of the National Highway in red
Route information
Length189 km (117 mi)
Major junctions
West endNakrekal
East endMallampalli
Highway system
NH 65NH 163

National Highway 365, commonly called NH 365 is a national highway in India.[1][2] It is a spur road of National Highway 65.[3] NH-365 traverses the state of Telangana in India.[2][4]


Nakrekal, Arvapally, Tungaturti, Mahbubabad, Narsampet, Mallampalli.[1][2]


NH 65 Terminal near Nakrekal.[1]
NH 365B near Arvapally.
NH 563 near Danthalapally.
NH 365A near Kuravi.
NH 31 Terminal near Mallampalli.[1]

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