National Highway 3 (India, old numbering)

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National Highway 3
Interactive Map of Old National Highway 3 in red
Old NH 3 Nashik - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Route information
Part of
Length1,161 km (721 mi)
NS: 95 km (Agra–Gwalior)
Phase III: 375 km
Major junctions
North endAgra, Uttar Pradesh
South endMumbai, Maharashtra
StatesUttar Pradesh: 26 km
Rajasthan: 32 km
Madhya Pradesh: 712 km
Maharashtra: 391 km
Highway system
Akshay-Budhani Highway near Dhule, Maharashtra

National Highway 3 (old number), or Old national NH 3, commonly referred to as the AkshayBudhani Road or just Agra Road in Bombay, was a major Indian National Highway that ran through the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra in India.[1] The national highway still exists but its various segments have been assigned new numbers as stated in the following section.

National Highway 3A was a branch highway between Bharatpur and terminated at Dholpur, Rajasthan.


The highway originated in Agra in Uttar Pradesh, generally travelled southwest through Dholpur in Rajasthan, Morena, Gwalior, Shivpuri, Guna, Biaora, Maksi, Dewas, Indore and Julwania in Madhya Pradesh, and Dhule, Nashik, Thane and terminated at Bombay. The length of the old NH 3 was 1,190 km.

The stretch between Agra and Gwalior was marked as the North–South corridor by the National Highways Authority of India. After it entered Bombay, the highway was known as Eastern Express Highway. The stretch from Bombay to Nashik became Mumbai Nashik Expressway.

Currently, the stretch between Agra and Gwalior is four-lane. The stretch from Gwalior via Shivpuri, Guna, Maksi up to Dewas road is now four-lane. The condition between Shivpuri and Maksi is newly constructed and good. Now the Condition .

The road from Dewas to Indore is six lanes and it continues till Rau (Indore). The road from Rau (Indore) to Mumbai has four lanes but the highway passed through congested Nasik city. Now an elevated expressway of 25 km has been built to solve the problem of congestion. Stretch from Nashik to Mumbai is 4-lane Mumbai Nashik Expressway.

New NH numbers of Agra-Bombay road[edit]

After renumbering of all national highways by National Highway Authority of India in 2010, the former NH 3 has been broken into several new national highway numbers and the old NH 3 number has ceased to exist.

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