National Highway 42 (India)

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For the old National Highway 42, see National Highway 55 (India).

National Highway 42 shield}}

National Highway 42
Major junctions
North end: Anantapur
South end: Krishnagiri
States: Andhra Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Anantapur, Kadiri, Madanapalle, Kuppam, Krishnagiri
Highway system

National Highway 42 (NH 42), (previously part of National Highway 205 and 219), is a major National Highway in India, that runs in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The northern terminal is at the National Highway 44 junction at Anantapur inside Andhra Pradesh state and the southern terminal is at the same highway junction near Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu.[1][2]


In Andhra Pradesh, it passes through Anantapur, Kadiri, Madanapalle and Kuppam. In Tamil Nadu, it connects Krishnagiri with its junction with NH 44.

Route length in states:

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