National Highway 59 (India)

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National Highway 59 shield}}

National Highway 59
Map of National Highway 59 in red
Schematic map of National Highways in India
Route information
Length352 km (219 mi)
Major junctions
West endKhariar
East endBrahmapur
Highway system
NH 353NH 16

National Highway 59 (NH 59) is a National Highway in India connecting Khariar and Brahmapur in the state of Odisha.[1] Before renumbering of national highways, route of NH-59 was part of old national highway 217.[2] The Highway is connected with SH 42 of Odisha State near Bangomunda.


NH59 links Khariar, Titlagarh, Lankagarh, Baligurha, Surada, Asika and Brahmapur in the state of Odisha.[3]


NH 353 Terminal near Khariar.[3]
NH 26 near Belgaon
NH 326 near Asika
NH 157 near Asika
NH 16 Terminal near Brahmapur.[3]

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