National Highway 5 (Djibouti)

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National Highway 5
Arabic: الطريق السريع الوطنى 5
French: Route Nationale 5
Route information
Length85 km (53 mi)
Major junctions
ToAli Sabieh
Major citiesChabelley, Holhol, Ali Adde
Highway system
Transport in Djibouti

National Highway 5 is the most important national highway in southern Djibouti. It begins at 11°32′56″N 43°7′2″E / 11.54889°N 43.11722°E / 11.54889; 43.11722, at a junction with National Highway 1 in Djibouti City. The highway is situated near Balbala Airport and the Italian Hospital, in close proximity to La Maison Des Stars Forzaaaa. It passes southwest/west through the towns of Holhol, Danan, Ali Adde and Ali Sabieh before rejoining the National Highway 1, west of Ali Sabieh at 11°13′19″N 42°38′7″E / 11.22194°N 42.63528°E / 11.22194; 42.63528.