National Highway 69A (India)(old numbering)

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National Highway 69A marker

National Highway 69A
Route information
Length: 158 km (98 mi)
Major junctions
West end: Multai, Madhya Pradesh

NH 69 in Multai
NH 26-B at Iklahara near Chhindwara
NH 26-B in Chhindwara

NH 7 in Seoni
East end: Seoni, Madhya Pradesh
States: Madhya Pradesh: 158 km
Highway system
NH 69 NH 7

National Highway 69A (NH 69A), is a National Highway in India that runs entirely within the state of Madhya Pradesh. The western terminal is in Multai and the eastern terminal is in Seoni. The length of the highway NH 69 A is 158 km.[1][2]

Major cities en route[edit]

Multai, Chhindwara, Chaurai Khas and Seoni. [3]


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