National Highway 703 (India)

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National Highway 703 shield}}

National Highway 703
Map of the National Highway in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of NH 3
Length258 km (160 mi)
Major junctions
North endJalandhar, Punjab
South endSirsa, Haryana
StatesPunjab, Haryana
Nakodar - Shahkot -Moga - Barnala -Mansa - Sardulgarh
Highway system
NH 3NH 9
Schematic map of National Highways in India

National Highway 703 (NH 703) is a National Highway in Northern India. NH 703 connects Jalandar in Punjab and Sirsa in Haryana, running a distance of 169 km (105 mi).[1][2] National Highway 703 starts at the junction of NH 3 at Jalandar and traverses down to Sirsa to meet NH 9.[3]



Jalandhar, Nakodar, Shahkot, Moga, Badhni, Barnala, Handiaya, Mansa, Jhunir, Sardulgarh - Haryana border.[3][4]


Punjab border - Sirsa.[5][3][6]


NH 3 Terminal near Jalandhar.[5]
NH 703A near Jalandhar.
NH 703B and
NH 5 near Moga
NH 7 near Barnala.
NH 148B near Mansa.
NH 9 Terminal near Sirsa.[5]

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