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National Highway 92 marker

National Highway 92
Route information
Length: 171 km (106 mi)
Major junctions
From: Bhongaon, Uttar Pradesh
To: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
States: Uttar Pradesh: 75 km (47 mi)
Madhya Pradesh: 96 km (60 mi)
Highway system
NH 91A NH 93

National Highway 92 (NH 92) is a National Highway in India. NH 92 links Bhongaon on NH-24 in Uttar Pradesh with Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh.[1] The highway is 171 km (106 mi) long, of which 75 km (47 mi) is in Uttar Pradesh and 96 km (60 mi) is in Madhya Pradesh. The highway starts from Gola Ka Mandir circle in Gwalior and ends in Bhaogaon in UP. In Gwalior it is also known as Airport Road, since the Gwalior Airport is situated on this road. It is now been developed as a four-lane highway from Gola Ka Mandir in Gwalior to Malanpur Industrial Area in Bhind District because of the heavy traffic in this area. It is usually used as a link from Gwalior to Malanpur, Bhind and Etawah.


Current Conditions[edit]

The highway is being renovated due to increasing traffic, as well as the presence of various prestigious institutes of Gwalior, such as the Indian Institute of Hotel Management, Gwalior Air Force Station, and the Gwalior and Malanpur Industrial Area. The road previously had many accidents, so the road is being made a four-lane highway from Gwalior to Malanpur and then two-lane further on.

the bad condition of NH 92

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  • [2] NH network map of India