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National Highways Authority
مقتدرہ قومی شاہرات
National Highway Authority Logo.png
Formation1991; 31 years ago (1991)
Legal statusActive
HeadquartersIslamabad, Pakistan
CoordinatesCoordinates: 28°35′01″N 77°03′28″E / 28.583689°N 77.057886°E / 28.583689; 77.057886
Region served
Official language
Muhammad Khurram Agha[1]
Websiteofficial website of National Highway Authority

The National Highway Authority (NHA; Urdu: مقتدرہ قومی شاہرات) is a statutory body under the Ministry of Communications (MoCom) of Pakistan.[2][3]


In 1978, the Government of Pakistan federalised five important inter-provincial roads and named them National Highways.[4] That same year, the National Highway Board was set up to monitor the development and maintenance of these federalised roads by provincial highway departments. In 1991 by the Highway Authority of Pakistan Act was passed to monitor the works and administration of national highways, motorways, expressways and strategic roads.[citation needed]


The function of the NHA is to plan, develop, operate, repair and maintain all roads entrusted to the NHA by the Government of Pakistan. The NHA is the custodian of 39 national highways, motorways, expressways and strategic roads, combining for a total length of 12,131 kilometers (4.6% of the national road network). The NHA is committed to provide a safe, modern and efficient transportation system and play an important role in the development of Pakistan's micro and macro economy by enhancing national integration.[5][6]

Powers and duties[edit]

  • Advise the Government of Pakistan on matters relating to National Highways, Motorways, Expressways and Strategic Roads
  • Collect tolls on National Highways, Motorways, Expressways and Strategic Roads
  • License facilities on roads under its control
  • Frame scheme(s) for construction, expansion, operation and development of National Highways, Motorways, Expressways and Strategic Roads
  • Acquire land in accordance with legal procedures
  • Research and development
  • Procure plants, machinery, instruments and materials required for its use
  • Enter into/perform all contracts as it may consider necessary
  • Determine a building line between which and the RoW it shall not be lawful without the consent of the authority to construct or maintain any structure or make any excavation.
  • Case studies, surveys, experiments and technical researches to be made or contribute towards the cost of such studies, surveys, experiments or technical researches made by any other agency.[3]

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