National Highway Authority

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National Highways Authority
National Highway Authority.jpg
Friendly Highways
Abbreviation NHA
Formation 1991
Legal status Active
Headquarters NHA Headquarters, Islamabad
Coordinates Coordinates: 28°35′01″N 77°03′28″E / 28.583689°N 77.057886°E / 28.583689; 77.057886
Region served
Official language
Shahid Ashraf Tarar
Highway above the River Jhelum

The National Highway Authority is responsible for building and maintaining highways and motorways in Pakistan. The objective of the NHA is to "plan, promote and organize programmes for construction, development, operation, repairs & maintenance of National Highways, Motorways & strategic roads."[1]


In 1978, Government of Pakistan (GoP) decided to federalise five important inter-provincial roads named " National Highways" and created the National Highway Board for monitoring the development and maintenance of these federalized roads by provincial Highway Departments.

M2 motorway Map (Islamabad-Lahore section), Pakistan

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